When we welcome the Holy Spirit into our hearts and allow him to act, Christ makes himself present in us and takes shape in our lives; through us, it will be he — Christ himself — who prays, forgives, gives hope and consolation, serves the brethren, draws close to the needy and to the least, creates community and sows peace. Think how important this is: by means of the Holy Spirit, Christ himself comes to do all this among us and for us. That is why it is important that children and young people receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. –Pope Francis, Wednesday Audience 1/29/2014

The Sacrament of Confirmation

Confirmation preparation at Christ the King Parish begins during the students 7th grade year and continues into the fall of their 8th grade year. Once completing the necessary preparation, Confirmandi  receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in the fall of their 8th grade year. Preparation includes catechesis in the classroom, service, a retreat, guidance and formation from the Candidate’s Sponsor, and special events designed to help our students prepare to receive the graces of the Sacrament.  Questions regarding the Sacrament of Confirmation can be addressed by calling Teresa Oross at 272-3113 ext 312.  Please see below for the proper forms and information for Confirmation. 

Information for the Confirmation Class of 2020

Congratulations on beginning this journey of faith and formation! Your Confirmation day is a special one filled with the gift of grace and with the challenge to live your faith radically in the world today! This is a journey that requires learning, growth, prayer, and service. Please look at the materials below and complete them with your parents and sponsor.

Information for Sponsors

As a sponsor you will be asked to be present for specific events and activities. However, what sponsors do is much less important than who sponsors are and who they desire to become. As a sponsor you are invited to participate in the privileged role of spiritual companion and guide to your Confirmandi (Confirmation student). You are called to lovingly challenge the youth to embrace a mature and faith filled passion for a relationship with God while exemplifying that same passion and desire in your own life.

Sponsors are expected to be active members of their faith communities and must complete the Sponsor Certificate below.  Thank you again for your commitment to your Confirmandi, and many blessings along this journey of faith.

Please print out, read, and complete the required information below: