The Liturgy is the “source and summit” of our faith. It is the source of our strength and nourishment, and it is the highlight of our participate in the Christian life.  At Christ the King we offer many opportunities for parishioners to participate as lay ministers in the Liturgy. Our prayer is that through these ministries the entire parish community may participate more actively and fully in the Sacred Liturgy.

To get more information or volunteer, please contact Jessica Roberts, our Director of Liturgy and Music.

Altar Servers assist the priest/celebrant with sincere respect, reverence, and attention throughout the liturgy. This is an act of love that draws the server closer in faith, to God our Father. This ministry is available to children 5th grade and older who are active members in the parish. Training is provided for all new servers, and all returning servers are expected to attend a “brush up” session each year.

The Art and Environment Committee tends to the Church’s worship space throughout the year. Members assist in decorating the church and attending to plants as needed in keeping with the liturgical seasons. All volunteers are asked to help decorate during Christmas and Easter. Other time expectations vary with liturgical season. This is wonderful ministry to our entire community and is a great opportunity for families!

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist the celebrant in distributing the precious Body and Blood of the Lord at all weekend Masses. Ministers’ responsibilities also include cleaning the vessels and maintaining the sacristy after Mass. This ministry is available to all parishioners, 16 years of age and older, who are practicing and confirmed Catholics. Training is provided for all new ministers. All returning ministers are responsible for attending a yearly retreat or spiritual day of reflection. All ministers are scheduled to serve regularly according to their Mass Preference.Parishioners visit those who are homebound or in a nursing home due to illness or age, bringing them Holy Communion and fellowship. In order to be trained, it is helpful to be an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, though this is not required. Please contact the parish office for more information.

Lectors proclaim the Sacred Scripture at all weekend liturgies, and have a particular role during the celebration of the Liturgy of the Word. Therefore, all lectors are responsible for ensuring they are familiar with the scripture readings they are proclaiming. Lectors will be scheduled regularly according to their Mass preference. This ministry is available to all registered parishioners who are practicing Catholics. Training is provided for all new ministers. All returning ministers are responsible for attending a yearly retreat or spiritual day of reflection.

Minsters of Hospitality are expected to share the love and hospitality of Christ with all who enter our doors. The role of the Minister of Hospitality is to welcome and assist all parishioners and visitors before, during, and after our weekend Masses. All active and faithful members of our community are welcome to participate as ministers of hospitality. Specific responsibilities include, welcoming and seating parishioners who attend Mass, managing the collection, assisting the Offertory Gift Bearers, passing out bulletins after Mass, and most importantly serving as examples of full, active participation throughout the Liturgy.

Families or individuals bring the gifts to the altar during Sunday Masses.

Sacristans are responsible for assisting the clergy in preparing for the Liturgy. Preparation includes ensuring the proper quantities of bread and wine available for consecration and that all the vessels and materials required for the celebration of the liturgy are present. You must be a trained Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion to volunteer as a Sacristan. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who would like to be deeply involved in the liturgy, and who pays attention to detail.

Diocesan Norms for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion